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Already a legend in alpine skiing, Lindsey Vonn has added a new element to her already high profile as a sporty reincarnation of Sharon Stone's twisted character from Basic Instinct in a photoshoot for ESPN magazine.

For the magazine's 'movie spectacular' issue, the holder of multiple crystal globes and Olympic medals posed for a convincing revival of Stone's psychotic crime thriller writer Catherine Tramell in the famous interrogation scene from Paul Verhoeven's 1992 erotic thriller, which also starred Michael Douglas as Nick Curran, the grizzled cop who gets involved with Tramell where he really shouldn't. The original clip remains one of the most-watched movie scenes of the 1990s.

'What do you guys think, could I be her stunt double?' – Lindsey Vonn on Facebook

But how did the shoot come about? Well, Vonn recently received compliments about being a dead ringer for iconic actress Stone, and with ESPN asking stars to recreate their favourite movies, Basic Instinct emerged as the favourite.

"One of my favourite movies is Gladiator," admits Vonn, "but that would be a little bit harder to re-enact or recreate…

"My husband [Thomas Vonn] and I were thinking, 'OK, well, what's a good Sharon Stone movie?' and Basic Instinct came up… it just seemed like it would work!"

You can watch the photoshoot action for ESPN's cover shoot below. "What do you guys think, could I be her stunt double?" asks Vonn cheekily on her Facebook page…


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