Ryan Doyle in front the skyline of Firostefani © P. Vuckovic - redbullartofmotion.com

The world's 18 best parkour and freerunning athletes will head to Santorini island (Greece), a dream destination, on October 8, 2011 to compete at “Red Bull Art of Motion”, the world's first and ultimate parkour competition.

The edgy caldera, the ancient volcano, a famous sunset and thousands of traditional white rooftops will provide for unique scenery for the upcoming Red Bull Art of Motion, at 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 8th, in Santorini/ Firostefani.


null © P. Vuckovic - redbullartofmotion.com

The athletes will compete on the most “natural” parkour course in the world, responding to the challenges of completing the route in 120 seconds, performing their most stylish and most fluent tricks as possible in the time frame. Using their fluidity, creativity, style and execution they will try to impress the four judges with the aim of making it to the finals.

Based on the competition format, the top 8 will aim to reach perfection surpassing the ‘all-natural’ obstacles trying to overcome curves, gaps and walls. They will perform amazing flips, dive rolls, aerial twists and hard drops with one and only goal: to cover the distance from the starting point to the finish line as quickly as possible while battling it out for a place on the podium.


null © P. Vuckovic - redbullartofmotion.com

Ryan Doyle, who visited Santorini island a year ago for a first location check, stated back then: “This is the parkour paradise, the most natural terrain that anyone can dream of. It would be cool if all athletes could gather here for a competition”. His dream came true!

Among the top athletes from 11 different countries, the rising star of the Greek scene, Zaza Markoulia (NSA group), will have the chance to compete in the world famous island of Santorini.

Red Bull Art of Motion will be broadcasted via Live Web Streaming - stay tuned at www.redbull.gr !


null © P. Vuckovic - redbullartofmotion.com


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