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If you want to know everything about Red Bull Racing's history, their record 2010, their new challenger for 2011 and the people behind the team's success, we've the very thing…

Despite the unfortunate delay to the beginning of the Formula One season which means we now miss Bahrain and head straight to Melbourne, Australia at the end of March, you can still enjoy plenty of F1 in the meantime thanks to a special Red Bull Racing 2011 preview pack.

With a double F1 title-winning car and driver on their hands last year in the form of the Red Bull Racing RB6 and Sebastian Vettel, it’s not surprising that the team’s newest car, the RB7, was launched to considerable fanfare earlier this month at the first official Formula One test of 2011 in Valencia, Spain.

And the team, based in Milton Keynes, UK, have teamed up with an automotive literary institution, Haynes, to showcase their latest challenger.

More usually associated with thrifty or keen home mechanics looking to get another year’s service out of an old Fiesta, this Haynes manual is rather more special, as it details the exciting new RB7, and relives Red Bull’s epic 2010 season in F1 and the team’s journey from its origins in 2005 to that point.

It’s packed with fascinating profiles of drivers Vettel and team-mate Mark Webber, team principal Christian Horner, and the leading Formula One designer the rest want to follow, Adrian Newey, plus there are special features on racing and strategy from the team personnel in the know.

Download your PDF copy here!

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