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Later this year, world-renowned skydiver Felix Baumgartner aims to freefall from the edge of space – 120,000 feet (23 miles/36.5m) above the earth's surface – to become the first human to break the speed of sound with his own body. Red Bull Stratos aims to set new standards in aerospace safety and help pave the way for future space exploration.

Finish telecoms giant Nokia has joined as partner and launched the official Red Bull Stratos application, which can be downloaded for free via the Ovi store here. You can also see more at the Ovi Facebook page.

The application will keep you up-to-date with Red Bull Stratos every step of the way via your mobile. Users can follow the latest news updates and scientific information - including videos and photos from the mission - as preparations for the jump progress.

Amazingly, you'll be able to watch the final jump live on your handset and keep track of Felix's pulse, as the application measures his biometrical data in real-time.

For those who aren't familiar with Red Bull Stratos, it's been close to half a century since records were set back in 1960 when United States Air Force Colonel (Ret.) Joe Kittinger launched a stratospheric jump from 102,800 feet above the earth's surface. Now, Baumgartner will attempt to better that incredible feat by breaking four world-records including the first man to travel at supersonic speed unassisted, the highest manned balloon flight, the longest freefall and the furthest freefall.

Kittinger is supporting Baumgartner in this pioneering attempt – as part of an exceptional team of world-leading aerospace engineers, medics and scientists – as he attempts to make history.

Find out more about the groundbreaking mission at the Red Bull Stratos website




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