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“Party instigators” is the only description provided to describe Thugfucker on their own facebook page. Following the K.I.S.S (Keep it short and simple) principle, the international DJ team of Greg and Holmar reaches out to the world of electronica music to celebrate happiness and turns our planet into a never-ending eclectic party.

Imagine passing your city’s most renowned underground club. You randomly bump into a hipster chick handing out flyers to those who look like they might be interested in some serious party. A glance at the flyer states, “Thugfucker!” Hmm. You’ve never heard of this upcoming US rapper from LA – or was it New York? Whatever.

But Thugfucker is actually an international DJ duo that unites the coolness of Iceland and the craziness of the Big Apple. Holmar Filipsson and Greg Oreck have created a musical partnership and friendship that is ready to party and party and party.

“We make music. And trouble."

These “modern day gypsies” as they once called themselves have sets that exemplify exactly these words they have on their Twitter page. Some disco tunes here, some rap samples there. A bit of minimal here, a breeze of techno there. This DJ team really deserves the Michelin star of the night, moving crowds and serving a menu of frantic partying to nocturnal clubbers all over the world.


So if you did your research and decided to hit the club tonight to experience the manifold musical happiness of Thugfucker and get your wings moving, you know it’ll be worth it.

Why the name “Thugfucker”, you still might ask? Don’t take yourself too seriously. Get lost in their music and you will most definitely find the answer – down in the basement of that club, watching the hipster chick that gave you the flyer earlier dancing her heels off.


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